Recording Revenge: DIY Tracking

It’s like some kind of weird dream… I’m apparently back in Exhumed. Only, it’s not in the same room, and like, there’s a snake rolling a donut. I mean, it’s actually been almost two years since I accepted the invitation to rejoin, but we’ve had just a handful of shows since. Matt has had a record ready to record before I even joined, though. This last March, when I asked Matt when we would get down to practice new stuff, he informed me, actually, we were going ahead and recording . It had to be done before May. Oh, fuck. Okay, the dream became a nightmare.

And I show up to the show with no pants on [pic courtesy]
So, okay… get your shit together, Sewage, this is fucking happening. Matt and Mike were heading to Florida to get guitars and drums tracked. To keep things easy (and cheap) I was going to take care of my own vocal and bass tracking back in Oakland. This not only had the benefit of saving costs, but also of sparing anyone the time of editing all the shitty playing that was to be forthcoming on a bunch of songs I’d never actually played with a band. It was lucky that I had collected the gear, had the studio with my other Oakland-based band, and had been through some of this before. Here’s how I did it.

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Recording at Antisleep Studios

It all started with a simple Twitter conversation…

Flattery will get you everywhere
Flattery will get you everywhere

We had been talking about recording somewhere else for awhile now, as we prep our fifth full-length. Scott Evans is an engineer and guitarist who I met when Ludicra played a show with his band, Kowloon Walled City. I liked their heaviness and was impressed that he recorded their excellent material himself. So, I approached my bandmates about giving it a go at Scott’s Antisleep Studios for a song we had to record for an upcoming compilation. Things turned out smashingly.

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Moving in…

Tonight, if I ever get outta the office, Ludicra will move our equipment into the recording studio. I’m starting, finally, to get excited. It comes at a great time… You know, after this I had written a bunch of deep shit about politics, life in general… fuck it. It’s a blog. There’s a million of these. I’m just gonna go rock and get drunk and cough up more lung butter. Life is good, I repeat, life is good.

Ludicra will record…

In two days. For the first time in 3.5 years. I wish it was during another month, but c’est la vie. Why not pack everything I need to do for the next years into the tiniest month there is? Sure, good idea. Then, I can pick up some drug habits again when I’m done and wile away the following ten months of 2004 in an opiatic haze. Sweeeet…

ross sewage with Ludicra 03